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Which Toys Have Been Deemed Dangerous?

  • Heat Up Toys (Ex. Easy Bake Oven)
  • Realistic Toy Weapons

What Makes a Toy Dangerous?

dangerous toy dinosaurA toy can be considered dangerous when it poses a risk of injury to those who use the toy. The risk of injury posed by dangerous toys manifests itself in many forms. First, a toy can be deemed dangerous due to a simple flaw in the manufacturing process that left the toy with some sort of irregularity, leading to injury. Second, a toy can also be considered dangerous when the design of the toy made it likely to cause injury. Third, a toy may be seen as dangerous due to the lack of necessary safety warnings. Toy manufacturers are held to a standard of strict liability, which means they are responsible for the injuries caused by their products even if they took great care in the manufacturing process.

What Kind Of Injuries Can Be Caused By a Dangerous Toy?

injured child caused by a dangerous toyWhile toys are a source of fun and entertainment for children everywhere, they can also cause serious injuries that often require immediate medical attention. Some examples include:

  • Strangulation/Choking
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Scratches
  • Rashes
  • Eye Injuries
  • Bruises
  • Fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Broken teeth
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Falls

How Common Are Injuries Caused By Dangerous Toys?

child with an injured arm from a dangerous toyChildren are most commonly injured by dangerous toys, with children under 15 years of age being the most likely to suffer an injury. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over 254,000 children, of all ages, are treated in Emergency Rooms each year due to injuries caused by toys. Many of these injuries are attributed to motorized toys, scooters, and pools. However, quite a few choking and burn hazards are routinely reported as well. The CPSC recommends that parents closely supervise and monitor the use of toys, especially during the summer months when outside toys are more commonly played with.

Why Are There Dangerous Toy Lawsuits?

Dangerous toy lawsuits often arise out of injuries caused by the toy. Children can suffer serious injuries that often lead to extensive medical treatment. This can mean a hospital stay and sometimes even invasive surgery. For the parents of a child who has been injured by a dangerous toy, there can be tremendous emotional suffering as well as time away from work needed to care for the injured child. In these cases, the parent of an injured child may be able to bring a lawsuit against the toy maker and hold them responsible for all of the harm caused.

What are Some Examples of Dangerous Toys?

broken spinner which can be a dangerous toy

There are certain types of toys that are more likely to cause injuries than others. The CPSC routinely issues reports concerning toys that have repeatedly injured children. Some toys to watch out for include:

  • Battery operated toys
  • Motorized toys
  • Toys designed to be weapon like
  • Toys with strings
  • Toys with projectiles
  • Stuffed animals with long hair or fur
  • Toys made from flammable material
  • Toys that have small parts or pieces

What is the CPSC Doing?

The CPSC is a U.S. based agency that warns consumers about dangerous products. With the help of reports from the public, the CPSC launches investigations into potentially defective and dangerous toys, warns consumers about the dangers of toys found to be defective and also reports recalled products and toys. Recently, the CPSC has launched investigations into several popular toys, such as hover boards and fidget spinners in an effort to prevent further injuries to the public. Consumers are urged to report any injuries that have occurred as the result of a dangerous toy to the CPSC via their website at: https://www.saferproducts.gov/.

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