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A Dartmouth, MA woman received a $110,000 settlement from UTICA National Insurance Company for a workers’ compensation claim. While at work, she aggravated an area of her neck that was healing from a previous procedure. d’Oliveira & Associates remained jointly responsible with a Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney, who lump-sum settled this case with the insurance company.   

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira said, “This was a very nice settlement for this client, who was happy to resolve the matter and get on with their life”

After being injured at work, you may wonder if your particular injury is covered under workers’ compensation. In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, any injury that occurred while you were working has the potential to be covered under workers’ compensation. Some common injuries could come from slip and falls, lifting objects, vehicle accidents and heavy equipment. Even injuries that occurred due to repetitive motions are also covered under workers’ compensation. If you have any questions or doubts about your legal rights, you should contact a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer.

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