Unum is the leading disability insurance company in the United States. They have been known for unfairly denying and delaying disability claims. Many states have complained about Unum, and Unum has re-opened disability claims that were unfairly closed [1]. Unum has also paid monetary settlements to states. Many companies have their long-term disability insurance with Unum.

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Denied Claim Controversy for Unum, Largest Disability Insurance Provider in the U.S.

Unum is the leading long-term and short-term disability insurance provider in the United States [2]. Unum’s plans are a key part of the long-term disability policy offered to employees by many employers. Unum has been part of many disputes about denied claims and denied disability insurance.

Second Worst Insurance Company in America Because of Unum Denied Disability Claims

In 2008, the American Association for Justice listed Unum as the second worst insurance company in America [3]. According to the American Association for Justice, Unum has had a reputation for unfairly denying and delaying claims. Former Unum employees have reported that the company ordered them to deny claims in order to meet goals and save the company money.

Some of the companies that provide insurance that is handled or sold by Unum include:

  • Unum Life Insurance Company of America
  • Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
  • Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company
  • Genex
  • Duncanson & Holt
  • MetLife (Metropolitan Life)
  • John Hancock
  • New England Life
  • Equitable Insurance

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