DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System

The DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System has caused premature device failure due to the tibial baseplate becoming loose after insertion. This is causing serious, anguishing pain to patients, who may also find that they are suffering from accompanying bone loss, muscle damage, or infection. Our law firm is working with some of the more experienced DePuy Attune Knee Replacement lawyers and there are no legal fees unless you receive a settlement or award. Feel free to call our toll-free number 24/7, or fill out a contact form online.

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What is A DePuy Knee Replacement System?

Knee Replacement SystemThe DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System is designed and manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The Attune Knee Replacement System has been one of the most popular knee replacement sets for doctors to recommend to their patients. The system was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010, and shortly thereafter hit the market. Because DePuy used a Section 501(k) application to get FDA approval, no formal testing had to be conducted on the medical device. This “fast track” program has been widely criticized in the medical and scientific community.

What Is Dangerous About A DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System?

DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System surgeryAlthough the System is meant to improve motion, stabilize, and bring structure to a patient’s knee, there have been many reported failures, with as many as approximately 250 being reported to the FDA. Usually, artificial joints, including knee replacements, are expected to last at least fifteen years inside a patient’s body, however, some of the DePuy Attune Systems are failing much earlier than that time mark, with some as few as only a year after insertion. These failures lead to abnormal swelling, increased immobility, nerve damage, and even the possibility of deadly infections. The need for revision surgery is common to remedy the failing knee replacement system.

Even more dangerous is the fact that medical experts expect that the approximate 600,000 total knee replacements performed in the U.S. could increase to more than 3 million each year by 2030. This dramatic increase in patients needing knee replacement surgery calls for greater innovation and safety for these systems.

What Are Some Of the Symptoms Of A Failed DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System?

man in pain with a DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System

  • Stubborn Pain: Pain is the most common symptom for an injury from the DePuy Attune System. Pain can include sharp, short bursts of pain when moving the knee, or may extend to constant throbbing, even when sitting down.
  • Intense Swelling: Swelling can become very prominent with a knee replacement failure. In particular, inflammation of the knee generally causes fluid to build up resulting in the sensation of swelling and bruising. This is especially true when the swelling is painful to the touch.
  • Extended Release of Heat in the Knee: Although it is normal for an increased amount of heat in the area of a recent surgery, if this sensation continues months after the surgery, or the heat never dissipates at all, this could be caused by a failed Attune knee implant or a possible infection.
  • Instability: Instability in the knee is one of the telling-signs of a failed DePuy Attune System. If you’re suffering instability in your knee when standing or releasing weight onto the knee, this may be a sign of a failed knee implant. Also, if you have notices that your knee is moving backward or sideways in any manner, this is another sign that there is a mechanical failure within the DePuy Attune System.

Has The DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System Been Recalled?

recalled DePuy Attune Knee Replacement SystemDespite the more than 200 FDA-reported Attune System complaints, plus the additional reporting by DePuy itself about self-reported cases of painful knee failures, the FDA has not called for a recall of the System at this time. However, components of the System have been recalled, including a 2015 Class II recall of the Balseal component. This is the small wire spring coil that helps attach the pieces of knee.

Are There DePuy Attune Knee Replacement Failure Lawsuits Being Pursued Right Now?

DePuy Attune Knee Replacement Failure LawsuitThe first lawsuit involving a failure of the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System was filed on September 23, 2017. It is expected that due to the recent uptick of being discussed by the media, that there will be additional lawsuits pertaining to this topic.

Are There Any Medical Studies On The DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System?

  • Journal of Knee Surgery (June, 2017): Nine well-respected orthopedic surgeons have reported that there has been an unusual uptick of premature failures of the DePuy Attune Knee System. The surgeons stated in their report that the majority of the knee system failures they have inspected are due to the failures of the tibial implant-cement interface, which helps keep the pieces of the system in place. Because of this, the cement, which is more of a glue, will not allow a firm hold between the pieces. The report goes on to state that due to the loss of this fusion, or glue-like holding, there is an increased risk of knee instability.

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DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System LawyerIf you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries or loss of mobility due to the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, among other losses. We are currently working with experienced DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System lawyers, who don’t charge a legal fee unless you win an award or settlement. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, call our toll free number 24/7 or fill out a contact form on our website.