Denied Foxboro, MA Social Security Disability Benefits

Recently, the attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates obtained a significant award for a Foxboro, MA man whose case was brought before the Social Security Administration. The client (whose name is withheld for confidentiality purposes) who had suffered from numerous ailments including liver disease, diabetes, and depression had spent years in and out of hospitals and physicians’ care for heart attacks, asthma attacks, and back pain. According to the complaint, the compounding of these conditions had left the client totally disabled and out of work, the client had filed twice for Social Security Disability Benefits, each time being denied.

Undeterred by the Social Security Administration’s denials, the client sought the assistance of experienced Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income attorneys and has since received over $19,000 in retroactive benefits of Supplemental Security Income and an additional $900 a month in disability benefits. After contacting the law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates, Attorney Cara Gallucci was able to win this client’s case and did not charge him a fee until he collected his past-due benefits.

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira stated that “I think Attorney Cara Gallucci and her staff did a great job in getting this client such a large retroactive award, that I am sure this client can use. She has been winning so many SSD cases lately I cannot keep up with her. She has become a very seasoned SSD Lawyer and anyone who hires her will be pleased with her representation.”

Social Security CardThe client’s case in this situation represents the Social Security Administration’s ability to support those who are not only in financial need of support, but also to those who are disabled and cannot work. The client in this case is to receive over $900 a month in support from Social Security Disability benefits, which is intended to help him recover the lost wages he is unable to get as a result of his disabilities. Additionally, the client has received retroactive past-due benefits of over $19,000 in Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is given out to those who are either over 65, or to those whose financial and living situation is such that federal governmental support. In calculating the client’s qualifications for SSI, the Administration examined his living situation, resources and assets, family living situation, and income. Overall, this client’s living and employment situation, coupled with his health complications that left him disabled, allowed him to receive back-due and monthly SSI benefits in additional to monthly SSD benefits. Having been previously been denied twice, this result highlights the importance of contacting an experienced Social Security attorney who can help those deserving clients easily navigate the complex process and who can maximize the potential benefits.

Foxboro Social Security Disability Lawyer meeting clientsIf you or someone you know is disabled and cannot work, the attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates want you to know that you may qualify for Federal Social Security Disability payments and benefits. d’Oliveira & Associates is a Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts law firm that focuses on disability and personal injury claims, including auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites as well as social security disability cases. The firm also works with some of the leading attorneys in the United States for dangerous drug, defective medical product and medical malpractice cases.

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