Distracted Pedestrian accident

For years we have heard of the dangers of distracted driving, but how about distracted walking? Could cell phone use lead to a greater risk of pedestrian accidents over other distractions? Studies conducted show surprising results.

What do the Studies Say?

A staggering statistic put forth in one study indicates that pedestrian accidents involving people walking and texting or engaged in social media on their phones have increased by 800%. Pedestrians, in this instance, were either struck by a vehicle or fell while using their phones. The study took into account phone activities, which include talking, texting, browsing the internet and listening to music. From the data they pooled, they found that 2 million of the pedestrian injuries reported were due to cell phone use. The majority of these cell phone-based injuries resulted from texting and social media browsing. Listening to music and talking on the phone was not as high on the list but still posed an increased injury risk to pedestrians. The study also states that 45% of pedestrians use their cell phones while walking, which contributes to the growing number of pedestrian injuries.

In a different study, injuries to the eyes, face, head, neck and nose have all increased over 20 years. The age most associated with this increase are 13-29 and were due to cell phone use while driving or walking. In 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated that 2018 was the deadliest year for pedestrians within the last 30 years. Pedestrian fatalities have increased by 35% in the past ten (10) years.    

What can I do to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents?

If you are the driver:

  • Be especially alert at crosswalks even if you have a green light
  • Take note of bus stops where pedestrians may decide to cross the street right away
  • Notice where children are walking and watch that they do not suddenly go into the street
  • Slow down if you are in heavy rain or dense fog
  • Never assume the pedestrian sees you

If you are the pedestrian:

  • Limit your cell phone use while walking
  • Avoid walking across the street where there is no crosswalk
  • Wear bright colors to be seen, especially if you are out walking at night
  • Keep your children close to you
  • Never assume the driver sees you

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