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Personal injury lawsuits can be filed when a person has received an injury because of the unreasonable actions of another. Depending on what type of personal injury case you are pursuing, the injury can either be physical or emotional. Most personal injuries fall under the category or title of “tort.”

Personal Injury CaseTort law is a segment of civil law. Civil law differs from criminal law because in a civil lawsuit the injured person (the plaintiff) brings the case to the attention of the courts. Criminal law cases, by contrast, typically will be brought on behalf of the injured person by a representative of the State (usually the prosecuting attorney). Torts can be intentional, negligent, or strict liability.

Personal Injury Case after a car accident

Commonly, personal injury lawsuits result from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or other automobile accidents. However, if you are suffering as a result of a different cause, you may also have an avenue of recourse against the actor or entity that caused your injury. For example, if you are on someone else’s property and fall because of a slippery wet floor, or inadequate maintenance of snowy and icy walkways, you may have a “slip and fall” case. Typically, the actor or entity must first owe you a “duty of care” before they can be held liable for any resulting injury. Additionally the person who owed this duty must have acted unreasonably in failing to ensure safe conditions.

Personal Injury Case after a slip and fall

Personal injury lawsuits may also result if a person receives an injury from an unsafe product. These cases are typically referred to as “product liability” cases. Other types of personal injury cases and causes which may result in a personal injury lawsuit include: medical malpractice, defective medical devices, nursing home abuse, dangerous drugs, and dog attacks.

If you have been injured, due to the actions of another, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. A negligent actor should be held responsible and should make you, the injured person, whole through monetary compensation or other measures.

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