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The RI Governor just signed into law a piece of legislation that provides protection for domesticated pets in domestic abuse situations. More specifically, the new law provides family courts the power to grant protective orders to household pets in domestic abuse relationships. For too long, domestic situations involved the petnapping and animal abuse of beloved family pets. Now, RI has stepped up to include protection for those furry family members as well.

What Is the New Law?

Domestic Violence Situation

When there is a domestic violence situation, generally the first step to taking action is applying for a protective order, also known as a restraining order. Although some people argue the effectiveness of such, it is the proper legal documentation necessary to tell the court that the aggressor is not to be near you. Before this new law, protective orders were only granted to victims of domestic abuse and their children. Now, the legislature has passed an amendment to the original “Domestic Abuse Prevention” bill to include the protection of domestic pets in the household as well.

Why Are Pets Often Involved in Domestic Violence Disputes?

Dog watching a Domestic Violence SituationAnyone who has ever owned a pet knows that they become a part of your family. As such, when there is disrupt or abuse in a home, like children, pets also need protection. A study was recently conducted that revealed that domestic violence situations often lead to animal abuse as well. In domestic violence situations, pets can be put in the middle of a dispute between their two favorite people. As a result, dogs can sense the tension and can sometimes react violently when trying to protect their owners.

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