An East Providence car accident can have long-lasting impacts on a person’s life. Injuries may create scars, be permanent and/or require a rehabilitation period. The incident may also cause long-term trauma and suffering. The auto accident may also cause severe damage to personal and real property. Since the impact of an auto accident can be far-reaching, you would naturally want the party-at-fault to pay for the damages and other potential expenses.

An East Providence Car Accident Informational Resource

d’Oliveira & Associates, the auto accident attorneys in East Providence, has a new website about the most common injuries that auto accidents may cause. The pages include one on contusions, abrasions, and lacerations that details some basic causes of these injuries. The pages also provide instructions on first aid for bruising caused by auto accidents. Other pages include brain injuries and neck and spine injuries that can lead to permanent brain damage or loss of the use of parts of the body. Another part of the new injuries site details leg and other bone fractures, which can take an extended period to heal and result in an individual being unable to attend work for an extended period of time. All of these injuries can be potentially life-changing for individuals involved in auto accidents.

Man suffering from whiplash after an East Providence car accidentIf you encountered an auto accident, you should seek medical attention first and foremost. If possible, gather all the evidence that you can at the scene of the accident, get the other party’s contact details, his/her insurance information, as well as the names and addresses of potential witnesses. Then, you will also need to be careful about what you are going to do next. Your insurance company will usually talk to you, but you need to be very careful with what you say to them. Additionally, do not speak to representatives from the other party’s insurance company. Do not agree to any quick settlements or talk to the other party before you seek help from a competent attorney.  You will need the assistance of a competent auto accident attorney who has been proven to win cases. While you are dealing with the pain and trauma of the accident, you will need the help of a lawyer to gather more facts to help build your claim or case.

Have You Been Seriously Injured in an Accident?

personal-injury-lawyerIf you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in East Providence, you should talk to a competent East Providence car accident lawyer. The East Providence law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates offer competence and years of experience in handling auto accident cases and claims. Please contact the law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form for a free legal consultation.

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