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Recently, d’Oliveira & Associates attorney, D. Robin Gouveia, obtained a $195,000 settlement from National Continental Insurance Company for an East Providence, RI woman who was injured in a car accident. The driver of the van was involved in an accident, which caused our client to be thrown from her chair. Our client suffered a large laceration, hematoma, disfigurement, and required both physical and occupational therapy. Following the accident, she contacted our Pawtucket office. Attorney D. Robin Gouveia and her staff began helping this client through the legal process.

Attorney D. Robin Gouveia said, “We obtained all the medical records and bills, we sent a demand for settlement to the insurance company.  Offers were made and once final, it included payment of medical bills and a very fair value for the pain and suffering the client endured.  Health insurance paid some of the bills and sought reimbursement so we negotiated with them and got the amount reduced significantly in order to net the client a more than reasonable net settlement.”

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