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A majority of initial applications for social security disability benefits are denied. The next step in the process is an appeal and a hearing, for which many choose to hire a social security disability attorney. This article discusses the role of experts at these hearings. These experts can be very important to how your hearing turns out and whether you will be able to collect social security disability benefits.

In a social security disability hearing, a Vocational Expert (VE) is usually called to testify at the hearing. A VE is a witness who appears at the request of the administrative law judge (ALJ). The VE is expected to have the capacity, skill, and credibility to give an opinion about whether or not you are able to perform a specific task given certain limitations due to your medical or health conditions that make you eligible for social security disability (SSDI) benefits. The VE also analyzes the existing jobs that an applicant can perform.

courtroom where a Vocational Expert will show upExperts may come from any profession, and it depends on the specialization that is required in a particular case – for example, an expert in construction work for a claimant who worked as a carpenter. The VE may also be a psychiatrist or psychologist, if the mental state and ability of a party needs to be determined. The VE can be a doctor or medical specialist on the type of injury of the claimant. The expert that is hired may also be a specialist in the areas of jobs, job skills, labor markets and similar opportunities. The experts work by reviewing the applicant’s file, records, and history. Experts can also make use of the testimony of the other witnesses and make observations of the claimant over the course of the hearing.

The views of each of the experts about a claimant’s disability are of vital importance. The special and personal knowledge that can be gained from their experience provides credible judgment and assessment of a person’s medical condition. The testimony of the experts have to be provided along with an explanation for the views, and should also take into consideration certain external factors such as the region or the location of the claimant, and the availability of a potential job in that field. Depending on the other factors that a judge chooses to apply in determining whether the applicant suffers from a qualifying disability, the experts’ testimony will affect and make a difference in your case.

Have You or a Loved One Been Denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)?

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