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The Fall River car accident lawyers at d’Oliveira & Associates recently settled a case on behalf of their injured client for the insurance policy limits of $100,000 from Geico Insurance Company. The client was rear ended by another driver and injured in an accident in Fall River, MA.

Fall River car accident victim with neck and back sprainsThe client sustained multiple sprains including her neck and back. She continued to receive extensive rehabilitation including physical therapy. After no improvement, she underwent surgery to relieve the constant pain in her back.

She contacted Attorney Robin Gouveia at the law offices of d’Oliveira and Associates. Attorney Gouveia was able to receive a settlement for the insurance policy limits for her client in the amount of $100,000. Case Number: FR – 12014

Attorney Gouveia stated;

“We determined the Defendants policy limits very quickly and made a demand for that amount due to the severity of the client’s injuries. The insurer made numerous requests for prior medical records. During negotiations, we remained firm on our demand and the insurer ultimately agreed to pay the limits. There was no other insurance available to compensate the client so we negotiated with all lienholders to reduce their liens and put a settlement package together for the client and maximize the net recovery to her.”

Millions of people every day will use an automobile to make their commute and they simply do not realize that driving a vehicle is most likely the most dangerous thing they do. Unfortunately motor vehicles are also one of the leading causes of injury and even death every day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in the year 2012, there were an estimated 5,615,000 police-reported traffic accidents where many people were injured or killed.

If you are injured in a car accident it is crucial that you contact an experienced Fall River car accident lawyer to help you with your claim, like our client did in this case. This will help ensure you receive the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

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