Fall River Hit-and-Run Accident

The Fall River auto accident lawyers at d’Oliveira & Associates handle all types of injury cases including those involving hit-and-run crashes. For injured victims and their families this can be one of the most difficult and challenging situations because the perpetrator – the hit-and-run driver, is often not located or tracked down. Since there is no suspect in custody, there is no one to hold accountable. Injured victims struggle financially with medical bills, wages lost from being unable to work, cost of hospitalization and surgery. They also struggle emotionally because of the lack of closure.

Massachusetts Hit-and-Run Law

Leaving the scene of a car accident is against the law in Massachusetts. All motorists have a duty to stop in accidents they are involved in, specifically those that result in any property damage, personal injury or death. The law states that the driver of a vehicle involved in an injury accident must immediately stop at the scene of the accident or as close to it as possible, and remain at the scene until authorities arrive. Drivers are also required to exchange information (driver’s license, insurance, contacts) with other parties involved in the collision. Some of the most common reasons why motorists leave the scene of an accident include driving without insurance, driving under the influence, distracted driving or running a red light or stop sign.

What to Do after a Hit-and-Run

hit-and-run victim calling 911The first step to take if you’ve been injured in a hit-and-run collision is to contact 911 or the police. File a police report and obtain a copy for your records. Seek medical attention if necessary. Do not decline medical aid if offered. Talk to witnesses at the scene if possible. Their testimony can be invaluable later if the driver is identified. Write down everything you can remember about the crash including the hit-and-run car’s color, make, model, license plate number (even if it’s partial), and its driver’s physical attributes.

Let your insurance company know that you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run crash. If you suffered injuries in the crash, immediately contact an experienced Fall River auto accident lawyer who can help protect your rights as well as help obtain fair compensation for your losses.

Seeking Compensation for Losses

Fall River Car Accident lawyer meeting victims of a hit-and-runWhen the hit-and-run driver or at-fault motorist is apprehended, injured victims can seek compensation from that party. However, in some cases, the driver may not be found. In other cases, the driver may not have insurance coverage. Some drivers don’t have adequate insurance coverage to compensate victims for their extensive losses. In such cases, hit-and-run victims or their families may be able to recover compensation from their own insurance companies.

Uninsured motorist insurance covers injuries and losses caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists as well as hit-and-run drivers. But, even in these cases, compensation is not guaranteed. You must file your claim promptly with all the required documentation such as police reports, witness testimonies, photographs and receipts showing your expenses. If you or a loved one has been injured in a hit-and-run crash, please contact an experienced Fall River auto accident lawyer who will remain on your side, fight for your rights and ensure that you receive just compensation for all your losses.