zeppoles from DeFusco’s Bakery

At least 47 people have suffered from food poisoning, with 24 of those people requiring hospitalization, seemingly at the hands of DeFusco’s Bakery. The Rhode Island Department of Health is investigating an outbreak of Salmonella linked to zeppoles made at DeFusco’s Bakery. Baked goods, which were sold in both the Johnston and Cranston DeFusco’s bakeries, contained a pastry cream that was found to have been stored at unsafe temperatures. In addition, the health department reports have indicated that other unsanitary conditions were discovered.

A recall has been issued for all baked goods sold at the Johnston and Cranston DeFusco’s bakeries.

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The allegedly contaminated zeppoles were distributed as follows:

  • Crugnale Bakery (all locations)
  • American Bakery Supplies distributed the pastries to the following:
    • Roch’s Market, West Warwick
    • Meal Works, Coventry
    • Touch of Class Catering, West Warwick
  • Meal Works, a catering company, served zeppoles on March 17th and 18th at the following locations:
    • West Warwick Manor Senior Center
    • St. John and Paul Church, Coventry
    • Sparrow Point, West Warwick
    • Crescent Park Manor, Riverside
  • Colvitto’s Bistro, Narragansett
  • Sal’s Bakery, Providence
  • Focaccia World, Johnston
  • DeFusco’s Bakery (all locations)

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning affects some 53,000 people each year.  It causes much suffering, extreme pain, hospitalization, and even death.

DeFusco’s Bakery baking bread

Types of Food Poisoning

The zeppoles from DeFusco’s Bakery apparently caused salmonella. Other types of food poisoning include:

  • hepatitis
  • botulism
  • campylobacter jejuni
  • E. coli
  • listeria monocytogenes

Symptoms of Salmonella Food Poisoning Include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Cramping Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Joint pain appearing several weeks after exposure

Salmonella food poisoning is life-threatening for people with compromised immune systems such as those with HIV/AIDs, or those receiving chemotherapy.

How to Avoid Food Poisoning at Home

  • Always wash hands in hot soapy water before handling food or eating
  • Always wash hands in hot soapy water after going to the bathroom
  • Do not eat or serve foods that are past their labeled expiration dates
  • Use separate cutting boards and knives for preparing meat or seafood
  • Wash cutting boards, knives, other utensils, and your hands after handling meat or seafood
  • Read and follow safety instructions on food packages
  • Cook all foods thoroughly, following safety practices
  • Throw out any food that has any bit of black mold on it; no part of the food is safe
  • Cut away mold that is blue, green, or white; the remaining food is safe

Where to get help if you’ve suffered food poisoning

The Law Offices of d’Oliveira and Associates are prepared to help if you or a loved one have suffered from food poisoning.