As a local personal injury law firm, we feel that it is our duty to inform our community about a study by the Home Efficiency Energy Team, which revealed over 20,000 repaired and unrepaired gas leaks throughout the state of Massachusetts. The non-profit states that leaks which are potentially explosive must be repaired, but leaks which pose no risk for explosion do not. However, even small leaks can be dangerous if they go unfixed.

Local Towns That Have Unrepaired Leaks

Flammable Gas Warning Sign for local gas leaks

  • New Bedford, MA – 341 unrepaired leaks
  • Brockton, MA – 277 unrepaired leaks
  • Attleboro, MA – 99 unrepaired leaks
  • Dartmouth, MA – 96 unrepaired leaks
  • Taunton, MA – 83 unrepaired leaks
  • Seekonk, MA – 25 unrepaired leaks

Are The Leaks Dangerous?

The unrepaired leaks, some of which have been leaking since 1987, are not currently an explosive threat, but natural gas can be harmful in other ways. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to methane gas can result in premature death and can cause other less severe side effects such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. In addition to being harmful to people, methane gas can also harm the environment. It is a powerful greenhouse gas, which contributes to global warming, and the leaks have caused the death of trees throughout many towns in Massachusetts.

To read more about the natural gas leaks, visit the Home Energy Efficiency Team website.