Perpetrator about to cause gun violence

The national discussion about gun control and gun violence always gets louder when there is a mass shooting. In the United States, mass shootings have been occurring with alarming regularity. However, a majority of injuries involving gun violence don’t involve mass shootings. They may involve street gangs or even random incidents, which still leave individuals with serious or even fatal injuries. If you have suffered a gunshot wound, you may wonder how to hold the at-fault party accountable for his or her wrongdoing. It is important that injured victims understand their legal rights and options in such cases.

Injuries Caused by Gun Violence

bullet hole caused by gun violenceGunshot wounds can result in irreversible damage to internal organs. Depending on the bullet’s point of entry and direction, a person’s injuries can vary in severity. He or she may suffer nonlife-threatening injuries. On the other hand, serious damage may occur to an individual’s internal organs such as their heart, lungs or kidneys. In addition, shattered bones could leave an individual with chronic pain or lifelong disabilities.

Gun violence can also cause catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis. It’s important to remember that all of these injuries can turn the life of a victim upside down and end his or her ability to work. Individuals also often find themselves being burdened by medical expenses in addition to the physical and emotional trauma suffered in the aftermath of such violence.

Gun Violence and Personal Injury Claims

crime scene that had gun violence

So, the question arises: Do you have a valid personal injury case following an incident where you have been injured due to gun violence? The answer is that it can be quite challenging to overcome issues that arise in Rhode Island personal injury cases involving gun violence.

Let’s take a recent Rhode Island case where a group of people in a car were ambushed by gunfire. One passenger was injured and another was killed in the attack. A personal injury claim against the vehicle’s driver was not successful in this case because the court stated that a car driver’s duty to drive safely does not include protecting passengers from criminal acts perpetrated by gang members. The court ruled that the driver simply could not have anticipated the gunfire and therefore was not responsible for his passenger’s injuries.

Getting Justice and Fair Compensation

victims of gun violence meeting a personal injury lawyerIn such cases, a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer may face challenges in respect to establishing who is responsible. This can be a complicated process. Aside from holding the person responsible, gun violence may also raise the issue of insurance coverage.

While a criminal conviction can help punish the offender, it might not be enough to cover mounting medical costs and other losses that are sustained as the result of a major or catastrophic injury. An experienced Rhode Island personal injury lawyer will be able to help victims and families assess their options and take the best possible course of action. For a free no obligation case evaluation, call us toll-free at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form online.