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We want to warn everyone who works out in gyms/health clubs to think twice about hanging their keys on the keyboard. To cut to the chase – the consequence to this action is that your car may be stolen.


Recently one of our employees (For the purpose of this blog we’ll refer to the employee as Brenda) went to her health club to work out, and like she always does, she placed her keys on the keyboard by the front desk. Brenda returned after an hour workout to get her keys only to find them gone. After notifying a staff member she discovered that her car, which had personal items in the trunk like her wallet and phone, was also gone.

Many of us gym-goers are aware that there is a risk of having items stolen from lockers and coats yet we don’t give a second thought about placing our keys on the boards provided. Brenda thought she was being diligent and smart about not taking her personal belongings into the gym and keeping them in her car. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have been more wrong (as many of us are), because we don’t think like thieves. Well with this blog, you should officially consider yourself warned & informed: “When you leave your keys on the peg board at the gym, the risk you take or better stated, the consequence you may/or will probably have is: “Your Car Gets Stolen!” You’ve got to ask yourself is it worth it? A resounding NO should be your logical answer!

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False Sense of Security with Staff & Cameras

Typically we believe that gym staff would be on hand to witness keys being stolen — or surveillance cameras to capture the moment something happens. But this is not true. Staff gets pulled into many directions and unfortunately can’t keep their eyes on everything at all times, and not all gyms have surveillance cameras. And if they do have cameras they may not be focused on the keyboard — as was the case at Brenda’s gym.

Although this specific incident we’ve shared involved hanging keys on the peg board provided at the gym, you should also know, that personal items and keys have been stolen from locked lockers as well, resulting in the thefts of gym-goers cars. For privacy reasons there are no surveillance cameras in the locker rooms at gyms so as thieves become more brazen we need to be more vigilant.

What You Can Do

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  • Keep your keys with you at all times during your workout.
  • If your car is stolen, inform a staff person and call the police.
  • If personal identification and wallet items are stolen — read “10 Things To Do Immediately After Your Identity Is Stolen”.
  • Help your gym be a theft-free zone by informing your fellow gym-goers about this issue!

What Gyms Can Do

Security camera at local gym
  • Install Cameras/Video Equipment and focus on areas that Members may be susceptible to thefts.
  • Place clear and visible signage by areas that gym members are inclined to leave personal property, like the keyboard, and very clearly explain what can happen, not just a quick note about leaving their personal property at their own risk. Members who go to health clubs typically trust the establishment they belong to and have the expectation that they are in a “safe” environment. A more suitable sign might mention that “If You leave Your Keys — Your Car & Other Personal Items May Be Stolen”
  • Consider handling member’s keys on a Pegboard similar to how you check your coat or car with a valet at a restaurant: Member gives staff the keys in return they get a disc with a number. In order to pick up their keys they must return the disc with the number to the gym employee insuring they get the correct keys. Pegboard will be mounted behind counter accessible to gym staff only.

Now that you’ve been armed with some information — we hope the only thing you lose at the gym is weight and not your car or other personal belongings.