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The world is changing before our very eyes, as new technology and developments allow for tremendous growth in the industries that we as Americans depend on. Flip phones have become iPhones, analog watches have become smartwatches, and now, standard or automatic cars are on the rise to become self-driving automobiles. That’s right, auto and tech researchers are attempting the unimaginable and designing a car that can independently travel on the road absent any human interaction through the use of artificial intelligence and pre-programmed paths. This idea may seem practical, as new technologies are rapidly introduced that benefit the lives of many and allow for a more productive use of time. However, these improvements render their respective faults, causing this invention to be a frustration to both producers and consumers. The autonomous car issues could lead to Massachusetts car accident lawsuits. If you have been injured in a car accident involving a self-driving car, call one of our experienced Massachusetts car accident lawyers today.

What Is The Problem With Self-Driving Cars?

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The introduction of self-driving cars in today’s society would likely lead to more efficient and allegedly safer lives for many. For example, it is predicted that the introduction of adequate self-driving cars would prevent both crashes and deaths, potentially decreasing the 35,000 count for people who die on American roads every year. However, several recent crashes involving self-driving cars have brought to light some problems with the new technology. The first problem that has been identified seems to be with the sensors that detect movement around the car. Another issue has been the ability of the car to consistently adhere to the movements of traffic, pedestrians, and other objects in order to react accordingly. These issues are currently under investigation by manufacturers after several tragic accidents occurred involving autonomous cars.

What Legal Problems Are Associated With Autonomous Cars?

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The main question to ask is, who is responsible if the self-driving car crashes and injures either passengers within its confines or even pedestrians within the surrounding area? Should a collision occur, the next concept that must be established is whether existing law may encompass such incidents, or if an entirely new body of law is required to handle autonomous crashes. The legality side of this invention is tucked away in the back of the minds of the automakers, as their main goal is to construct a vehicle which guarantees to the user that no such collision will ever occur. If this is so, the need to distinguish between applicable laws is irrelevant. The determination of the automakers leaves little doubt that new developments towards self-driving cars will cease, and high probabilities that concern over the legal principles will remain a prevalent societal concern. Although the time for autonomous cars has not yet arrived, car accidents are an unfortunate part of our everyday lives and our attorneys are here to help.

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