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During the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with “stay home” orders from March until May, traffic volumes have decreased substantially. As a result, car accident statistics have also been affected. Researchers at the University of Missouri delved deep into data from the Statewide Traffic Accident Records System to analyze how this pandemic altered typical car accident statistics.

Based on their findings, the number of overall car accidents was reduced from 17.9 to 14.4 per day. In addition, there was an even bigger decrease from the rate of minor or no injury accidents from 14.5 to 10.8 per day. With overall traffic volumes at an all-time low, this is not surprising, despite a heavy pick up for summer vacation driving.

However, the data showed an increase in the number of serious and fatal car accidents. These accidents increased from 3.4 to 3.7 per day. Researchers speculate possible reasons, including decreased policing and overall changes to road safety campaigns. The most accepted theory states we are seeing more serious car accidents because drivers are driving faster than usual. In April, a study by INRIX showed that the average speed on highways on the west coast increased by as much as 75% during COVID lockdowns. New York City officials reported a more than 60% increase in speeding camera tickets. Washington D.C. also reported a 20% increase in these tickets and that the number of drivers exceeding 21-25 mph above the speed limit increased to nearly 40%.

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