ssd claim can be a apart of the Social Security Disability Appeals Process

The process for obtaining Social Security disability payments can become very time consuming and drawn out. There is a possibility that your application will get denied at least once before you get approved and that can ultimately result in the postponing of any disability payments. A lawyer knowledgeable about the appeals process will provide support throughout the four stages typical of a denied claim.

The reason why an application gets denied is because the Social Security Administration has established their own rules to determine whether someone is disabled. This has created a complicated application process because claimants must provide information to Social Security that shows that they are unable to work.

Because Social Security has four stages of appeals for Social Security Disability claims, this means that a claimant can get turned down for disability payments up to three times before finally getting accepted.  The appeals process can take a long time to get resolved possibly extending into a yearlong process for some applicants.

Social Security Disability LawyerApplicants who seek the help of an experienced Social Security Lawyer can rest assured that their claim lays in the hands of professionals who are educated and experienced with the appeals process. Some reports state that at least 70% of first time applicants get denied for Social Security Disability payments. Hiring a lawyer experienced in the appeals process will provide an ally for claimants who are unsure how to prove they are disabled according to Social Security Administration standards.