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Many motorcyclists love the feeling of the freedom and open road when riding a motorcycle. Although this is a popular activity, many people are injured or killed every day from motorcycle riding. Many of these injuries or deaths occur because proper safety precautions were not followed.

Here Are Some Tips to Help Keep You Safe While You Enjoy Motorcycle Riding:

Take a look at the following motorcycle safety tips to help protect your life and the lives of those riding with you. The Law Offices of d’Oliveira and Associates are prepared to help if you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Wear Proper Safety Gear While Riding.

Motorcycle helmet and gloves
  • Many people choose not to wear a helmet. This is one of the most important protective items that a rider should wear. Those who choose not to wear helmets are more susceptible to an injury or death.
  • Massachusetts law requires all cyclists to wear a helmet. Rhode Island law requires all cyclists under the age of 21 to wear a helmet when riding. In addition, all new riders, regardless of age, are required to wear a helmet for a year. While these are the laws, it is in your best interest to wear a helmet at all times!
  • It is also important to wear other protective gear such as a jacket, eye protection and gloves.

When Riding, Always be Aware of Surroundings.

  • Always be on the lookout for possible dangers.
  • Drive defensively. If you see a potential problem before it occurs, you may be able to avoid an accident.

Only Ride if You Are an Experienced Motorcyclist.

Motorcycle riders
  • Many new motorcyclists are involved in accidents because they do not have the appropriate skill level.
  • Before putting yourself in dangerous situations, take the time to practice on non-busy roadways so that you are able to handle dangerous situations in the future.
  • Always look to improve riding skill!

If You Plan to Ride in a Group, Plan Your Route Ahead of Time.

  • It can be dangerous to ride in a group. There are many variables present that can allow a driver to easily be involved in an accident.
  • Planning a riding route ahead of time will allow each driver to be more aware of his or her surroundings.
  • It is smart to have someone ride the planned route ahead of time so that everyone is aware of possible dangers or road construction problems.

Always be Visible.

Motorcycle rider wearing a helmet
  • Because motorcycles are much smaller than cars, they can easily be hidden in blind spots. It is important to remain as visible as possible.
  • Maintain a large space cushion between vehicles.
  • Wear brightly colored clothes with reflective tape so that you are more visible to motorists.

Always Approach each Intersection with Care.

  • When approaching an intersection, motorcyclists should not assume that they have been seen.
  • Approach intersections slowly.
  • Make sure that you are highly visible to each driver.

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