With the rising popularity of indoor trampoline parks, such as the local Warwick Launch Trampoline Park, so too have the amount of hospital visits due to trampoline park injuries has also increased. If you are unfamiliar with these parks, it involves a series of trampolines that make up an entire room surrounded by soft, padded walls. According to a Pediatrics journal study recently published, the number of emergency room visits rose by over 1,000 percent in four years. Some of the injuries have led to personal injury lawsuits that could compensate the injured person for their medical bills.

What Are Common Trampoline Park Injuries?

injuryAs stated above, the amount of injuries recorded by the Pediatrics study went from 600 in 2010 to 6,932 in 2014. The study found that an average of more than 90,000 trampoline-related injuries occur each year during the study period. Although many of the injuries occur at home, the more-serious injuries are occurring at the indoor parks. A Texas Children’s Hospital Doctor, Katherine Leaming-Van Zandt stated, “Trampoline parks’ ability to reach higher heights is certainly a contributor to [increased] lower extremity injuries because the impact as they’re landing can be much greater.”

The most common trampoline-related injuries are sprains and fractures, but most commonly in the indoor parks involve dislocations. The latest study concentrates solely on indoor trampoline parks, finding that injuries at these indoor parkers were less-likely to involve head injuries than injuries on home trampolines, but are more-likely to involve leg injuries. They found that these indoor injuries are much more likely to result in a visit to the emergency room of a hospital. Lastly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that children ages two through five years old accounted for almost 25,000 emergency room visits due to trampoline-related injuries.

How Can I Avoid Trampoline Park Injuries?

failed trampoline park trick jump

It may be obvious to everyone on how to avoid injuries while using a recreational indoor trampoline, however, the injuries continue to rise. To lower the risk of an injury while jumping, it is advised that you refrain from attempting stunts, such as flips or summersaults, as these increase the risk of head and neck injuries. Also, be cautious of your surroundings. It is very easy to begin jumping around and forget that there are other people around, which could easily result in a collision that leads to an injury. Maybe most importantly, remember that a trampoline is dangerous and should be taken serious, although they do create enjoyment.

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