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Over the past three weeks, Rhode Island State Police has arrested 33 people as part of their “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. According to a news report, 10 of those people were charged with DUI over the Labor Day weekend, which is traditionally one of the deadliest driving holidays of the year. In addition to coming down hard on impaired drivers, state police added more patrols through the holiday weekend to increase enforcement of all traffic violations, particularly distracted and dangerous driving. Distracted driving causes accidents every day and has led to countless Rhode Island car accident lawsuits.

What Other Efforts Has RI Put Towards DUI Prevention?

There are several strategies that have been employed by law enforcement here in Rhode Island and elsewhere to prevent drunk driving and make roads safer. These include:

  • DUI laws: In Rhode Island, it is illegal for motorists to operate with a blood alcohol concentration or BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. For those under 21 “zero tolerance laws” make it illegal to drive with any amount of measurable amount of alcohol in their system. These laws and the severe consequences of breaking them serve as a deterrent to some degree. Statistically, they have had a clear effect on reducing the number of DUI deaths and injuries over the decades in Rhode Island and elsewhere in the country.
  • Sobriety checkpoint for DUI CrackdownSobriety checkpoints: Commonly known as DUI checkpoints, these allow police to briefly stop vehicles at specific, highly visible locations to see if drivers are impaired. Police may stop all or a certain portion of drivers. Breath tests may be administered if officers have reason to suspect that a driver is intoxicated.
  • Ignition interlocks: Installed in cars, these devices measure alcohol on the driver’s breath. The devices prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver has a BAC above a certain level, usually 0.02 percent. They are usually mandated by courts in cases where drivers have been convicted of drunk driving, and are effective at preventing repeat offenses when installed.
  • Media campaigns: These help spread messages about the physical dangers and legal consequences of drunk driving. They have been somewhat effective at persuading people not to drink and drive.
  • License revocation: Administrative license revocation or suspension laws allow police to take away the license of a driver who tests at or above the legal limit, or who refuses testing.
  • School-based programs: These are quite effective at teaching youth not to ride with intoxicated drivers.

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