Employees at large fulfillment facility

Large facility employees are slowly realizing the unsafe conditions that are associated with working in these environments. These individuals, such as the workers at Amazon’s fulfillment facility in California, have documented that they face unsafe working conditions and that the speedy distribution of merchandise is prioritized over the health and well-being of the employees.

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How Should My Employer Be Treating Injured Employees?

large fulfillment facility employee scanning packages

There is no doubt that large companies have prioritized the need to fulfill orders in a timely manner in order maintain customer satisfaction. However, by requiring employees to complete these orders on time, employers have overlooked the health and well-being of the employees and have neglected to address injuries that result from performing this strenuous work. If you are involved in a situation similar to this, contact an experienced Woonsocket Personal Injury Lawyer to assist you.

injured large fulfillment facility employeeFor example, Amazon employees have complained of neck and wrist injuries that they sustained from lifting heavy items and loading them into trailers, causing them to be unable to perform minor tasks such as typing or writing. Due to these potential unsafe working conditions, there has been over 100 federal investigations against Amazon since 2016. Of the many employees who have sustained injuries while working at Amazon, one spoke out regarding Amazon’s workers’ compensation policy. “Instead of applying for workers comp when they know you hurt your back, they want you to go to AmCare. I just don’t understand why a company that makes over a trillion dollars can’t pay workers comp.”

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