Paul d'Oliveira CEO of d'Oliveira & Associates

Paul d’Oliveira will be celebrating his firms 30th year in business. The firm first opened its doors in February 1989. After spending several years practicing and honing their skills in the legal field while working for a local law firm, both Attorney Paul d’Oliveira and Attorney Dale Morgan made the decision to join forces and start their own law firm. This as you can imagine was no easy task, but with hard work long hours and a passion to help people, the law offices of d’Oliveira & Morgan was born. Through many trials and tribulations the firm continued to grow and change to meet the needs of the people they have served.

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As in all of life, as situations change you are faced with making decisions that reflect your personal goals, and as such the mutual decision was made for d’Oliveira & Morgan to part ways. In August of 1996, Paul d’Oliveira’s firm became the law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates. While this was a tumultuous time, we are proud and thankful to say we are still one of the largest and most successful Personal Injury Law firms serving Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts.

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o serve our clients’ needs and to provide that personal service we have opened multiple locations in an effort to accommodate those near and far. d’Oliveira & Associates currently operates 18 office throughout Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. The staff we employ are like minded with the common goal of meeting the needs of our clients with the greatest amount of ease. To this end we have adapted and changed the way we do things, we have invested in the technology needed in this day and time to expedite correspondence and time sensitive materials in an effort to aid a timely and favorable settlement for our clients.

As a firm we make the very best effort in keeping the Personal in the practice of Personal Injury law. Our seasoned and compassionate staff are there at every turn to help you navigate through all the paperwork as well as to be there to LISTEN…. We are ever thankful for those that have worked with us through the years and those that have yet to join us. Each member of the staff here at d’Oliveira & Associates has an opportunity to make an impression and we are believing it will be the very best kind. An impression that will continue to communicate the integrity, hard work, diligence and compassion from which d’Oliveira & Associates was founded.