Damage to the neck and back can occur while jumping in a bounce house, playing sports, or driving a car. A recent CNN article has reported that bounce house injuries rose 1,500% between 1995 and 2010. In 2010 alone, an average of 31 children visited the emergency room every day because of these injuries. And, about 1 out every 5 of these children suffered neck and back injuries (i).

A surprising number of neck and back incidents occur in these birthday party attractions but unsurprisingly even more of these incidents occur because of sports and auto accidents. Information from the American Association of Neurological Surgoens (AANS) shows that neck fractures occur more than 14,000 times each year and that sports account for over 2,500 of these fractures. The top sports contributing to this type of spinal cord damage were diving (1,698 cases), bicycling (347 cases), football (136 cases), skiing (132 cases), and horseback riding (125 cases) (ii). The first response to a neck or back wound should always be to seek medical attention. People should also talk to a personal injury lawyer about filing a lawsuit and working towards an accident settlement.

Car crashes can also cause widespread damage to the head, neck, and back. One of the most common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents is whiplash. Whiplash describes a range of damage to the neck and back, which affects the bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. It is caused by the jolting of the neck and head following an impact or sudden movement. The signs of whiplash are headaches, stiffness, and pain but these signs may not occur until days or weeks after an accident.

According to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, whiplash most commonly occurs in low-speed (12 mph or less) auto accidents. The most recent statistics suggest that this condition affects 3 million people each year. The majority of these people will experience side effects for at least 6 months. And, 10% of these people report permanent disabilities (iii).

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira stated, “In my 29 years of legal experience I have helped many clients who have suffered these types of injuries. Car accidents are responsible for a lot of neck and back injuries but I have also commonly seen them in slip and fall cases as well as work-related accidents. The fact is that damage to the spine is very serious and can even be disabling.

People involved in a traumatic event should always get the opinion of a doctor and be aware that these injuries may not manifest themselves until weeks or months after an accident.” The new informational graphic will help people determine whether they should seek advice regarding a lawsuit, Social Security Disability claim, or workers’ compensation claim.

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