providence ri driver following all driving laws

All motor vehicle operators in Rhode Island are required to know the laws of driving on the road. However, with so many rules and laws, some motorists might forget some of them or not know them at all. Some of the least known motor vehicle laws are also the most important. The following are 10 motor vehicle laws that the Rhode Island State Police want to remind motor vehicle operators about. Motor vehicle operators who do not follow driving laws can cause car accidents and, if you were injured in one, a Providence car accident lawyer could help you obtain compensation.

What The Least Known Motor Vehicle Laws In RI?

tinted car windowIn Rhode Island, it is illegal to:

  1. Drive with a significant amount of snow or ice on your vehicle.
  2. Drive while wearing headphones or earphones and listen to music.
  3. Not turn on your interior light after being pulled over, if the sun is down.
  4. Not turn on your headlights if your wipers are on.
  5. Block an intersection in traffic.
  6. Not inspect a vehicle purchased out of state within five days of registration.
  7. Not notify the DMV within 10 days if you change your name or address.
  8. Have plates that are not clearly visible because of a cover, placed in the wrong location or not illuminated.
  9. Have pets in the vehicle that are not properly restrained.
  10. Have unauthorized aftermarket window tinting.

Why Should We Know These Driving Laws?

cops pulling over Providence Driver not following the driving lawsMotor vehicle laws were created to protect you, other drivers and police officers. All motorists should abide by them to keep themselves and others safe on the road. Drivers who do not follow them can cause car accidents and injure others. For example, snow might fall from another vehicle causing other cars to swerve out of the way, a driver might not be able to hear from listening to music on headphones or they might not be able to see because their window tint was too dark. If another driver caused you to be in a car accident because they did not follow the driving laws, you might want to speak to a Providence car accident lawyer.

Contact a Providence Car Accident Lawyer

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