woman slipping and falling on ice

A Little Compton, RI woman obtained a $140,000 settlement from EMC Insurance Company for a slip and fall accident. While at a bank, she slipped and fell on a wheelchair ramp that had patches of ice. This caused her to suffer contusions to her knee, hip, elbow and lower back. d’Oliveira & Associates maintained joint responsibility with another Rhode Island slip and fall attorney, who settled this case with the insurance company.   

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira said, “ It is rare that we get this much money for this type of slip and fall on ice case. The reason is because juries usually apportion fault on the part of the person who slipped and fell. The argument is that the person should have been watching where they were going. This was an excellent settlement. ”

Slip and falls that occur on commercial property, such as banks, grocery stores and restaurants, would be best evaluated by an experienced Rhode Island slip and fall lawyer. The Courts hold these property owners to an elevated standard of safety, since they invite people to their property for the purposes of making a profit. The owners of these properties have insurance, much like in this case, to help pay for slip and fall claims made against them. A proficient Rhode Island slip and fall lawyer knows how to best negotiate with the insurance companies to best compensate you for your losses and injures.  

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