Man with a cast around ankle and lower leg after an injury

The 2009 Emergency Department Summary Report of the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care shows that there are around 29.5 million patients admitted for unintentional injuries or accidents admitted in the emergency department of U.S. hospitals. Injuries from accidents also accounted for around 118,000 deaths. The incidents characterized as unintentional include falls, motor vehicle crashes or collisions, and unintentional poisoning. All these statistics prove that accidents can happen everywhere due to factors that are beyond one’s control.

Each state has different laws to ensure that victims of accidents are compensated for the expenses they incurred due to accident injuries and damages. For example, in Massachusetts, the insurance company covers costs associated with the person’s accident. This means that a person cannot seek damages from another unless the damages are so severe that the person’s insurance company cannot cover for everything. The person who was not at fault in an accident is entitled to be compensated to the same financial and physical position that he was in before the accident. However, since that is sometimes not possible, a personal injuries attorney can help you can as close to the position you were in before the accident as possible.

victim of car crash needing accident attorneys for help

Most personal injury laws also have a provision that provides guidelines on who can seek compensation. For example, the auto accident law in Massachusetts and in most other states has a comparative fault clause, which means that the person who is 51% at fault may not seek damages from the other party. Without an attorney, you may not know this and/or other important facts that may be critical to your claim.

Proving negligence and fault may be difficult in accident cases. The plaintiff needs the services of a competent lawyer with resources and extensive experience in the field of accident and personal injury claims. For personal injury cases, the settlement can often be large amounts of money, it includes your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is hard to put a monetary value on, but a competent accident attorney can help establish how much you can get and deserve to be compensated.

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