Recently, a Massachusetts man (whose name is withheld for confidentiality purposes) received significant damages after hiring Massachusetts Auto Accident Attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates. The auto accident and personal injury attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates recently recovered a settlement of $100,000 for one of their clients. The client was injured when he was waiting at a stop light when a driver negligently drove through the intersection, causing another car to spin off and collide with the injured client’s vehicle. The accident resulted in the client sustaining five broken bones in his neck, back, and wrist.

Upon the his initial admittance to the hospital following the accident, doctors had to refer him out to RI Hospital because of the complexity and severity of the fractures he sustained. There, doctors had to perform surgery on his right radius. Since the accident and subsequent surgery, the client has continually complained of severe pain and deformities in his wrist. Because of the accident, the client was unable to work and lost wages for several months.

However, after contacting the auto accident attorneys at law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates, Attorney Cara Gallucci was able to get the negligent driver’s insurer to settle for $100,000.

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira stated that “Attorney Gallucci did an excellent job here getting the insurance company’s policy limits on this case. We feel the client could have gotten more money but the negligent driver only had $100,000 in liability insurance coverage. We try to urge all of our clients to carry as much underinsurance auto coverage as they can in order to protect themselves if they are seriously injured in an accident by an underinsured driver. Fortunately there was $100,000 in coverage. However, all too often we see serious auto accident cases where the awards are a lot less than that and it’s sad because according to the law, injured people are supposed to be fully compensated for their injuries.”

man with whiplash and needing a MA Auto Accident Lawyer

This accident in this situation highlights the reality that many car accident injuries occur by no fault of your own. While it is true that your safe driving lessens the chance of injury, it does not ensure that the drivers you share the road with are taking similar steps. While many negligent drivers attempt to argue that they were only partially responsible because your negligence may have somehow contributed, this case shows the obvious situation where the negligent driver was 100% at fault. Because liability for car accidents is not always so easily ascertainable as it was in this case, it is important that you contact an experienced auto accident attorney who will help you explore you options and best ensure that you are safe from any counter claims of contributory negligence and that you receive the compensation for your injuries.

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