All too often, people all over the US fall victim to dog bites due to the dog owners negligence. As a result, there are laws that are in place all over the US to make sure that appropriate compensation is provided to victims of dog bites. One leading example of a state that enforces strict and effective dog bite laws is the state of Massachusetts.

A person that owns a dog in the state of Massachusetts is responsible for offering the victim compensation if their dog bites someone. This law even applies to those people who claim their dog was initially a “good dog” prior to the incident.

The liability may be waived if the victim was trespassing on private property or disturbing, irritating or physically abusing the dog. In this case, the victim would be liable for compensation to the dog owner. The owner of the dog can also be held liable if they had knowledge that the dog was dangerous and was known for attacking people.

Under the Massachusetts dog bite law, children (under the age of 18) that own dogs are not liable if their dog attacks someone. In this case, the parents of the child are help fully liable if the child’s dog is to bite someone.

If a dog was injured by another dog or by a person, the owner of the victim dog is eligible for compensation from the person that owns the attacking dog or the person that was injuring the dog. The compensation that dog owners owe to victims should their dog attack them is usually paid through renters or homeowners insurance.

The dog bite laws of Massachusetts are able to provide protection to victims of dog bite laws that they rightly deserve.