Massachusetts Motorcycle Crash

One of deadliest crashes in New Hampshire recently left seven dead and three injured after a 23-year-old truck driver hit a motorcycle group. The truck driver was previously sanctioned in other states for serious traffic violations which were relayed to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. It turns out the registry was unaware of the previous violations as 72 bins of state referrals were discovered after the fact. The RMV underwent an internal investigation that resulted in this discovery as well as a plan for new reform.

What Is The Massachusetts RMV Changing Now?

Massachusetts RMV

Prior to the accident, the Massachusetts Registry for Motor Vehicles (RMV) did not have a streamlined process that could provide other states with notifications of drivers who received a ticket or were arrested for driving violations. Now, the communication between the MA RMV and other states is under strict scrutiny. The solution? The RMV is now creating a system to provide mail notifications to other states when a resident is sanctioned for traffic violations.

Why Might This Affect You?

Massachusetts Trucker

As a result of the RMV’s internal investigation, Massachusetts transportation leaders are now suspending more than 2,400 licenses. These suspensions are a result of the RMV’s failed efforts to suspend drivers who have received serious traffic violations in other states. As the RMV continues to search through the backlog of out-of-state referrals, more licenses could be suspended. If your license is affected by this recent change, you will likely receive notice in the mail on the status of your license.

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