Woman with Slip and Fall LawsuitsPeople considering filing a slip and fall lawsuit should be aware of some misconceptions regarding these types of claims. A slip and fall lawsuit requires evidence that shows negligence on the part of the property owner. Negligence is determined by looking at the property owner’s actions or lack thereof leading up to a slip and fall accident.

a report for Slip and Fall LawsuitsThe claimant’s actions will also be inspected in order to determine who was at fault of the accident. A defendant property owner can provide evidence to try to prove that they were not responsible for the accident.

A victim’s injuries do not have to be severe in nature in order to file a lawsuit against a property owner. Some victims suffer only minor injuries such as scratches and bruises. On the other hand, someone can suffer from a brain injury. As long as the claimant has enough evidence to prove that the property owner was being negligent they can win a slip and fall lawsuit.

Injured leg of person with Slip and Fall LawsuitsOne last myth about slip and fall lawsuits is the belief that suing and winning against a retailer is motivated by greed. However, slip and fall lawsuits are a way for the plaintiff to pay their medical expenses and for their pain and suffering. Most companies have insurance policies that cover these types of claims, so that the retailer does not pay for the entire claim.