patient had a Misdiagnosis of Cancer and now being treated for Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease. The chances of survival for many kinds of cancer are very low. 2008 figures show that cancer accounts for around 13% of deaths each year in the US. The number of cases of cancer also continues to rise because of the aging population and with mass lifestyle changes. However, current advances in the field of medicine provide renewed hope to cancer patients.

doctor scanning for cancerScientists and doctors have made significant progress in increasing cancer survival rates through developments in prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment. Proper treatment and surgery may prolong the life of cancer patients and may even cure certain types. However, timely diagnosis is key to proper treatment.

Medical Malpractice May Result When Cancer Diagnosis is Delayed

Doctor overseeing CAT scan of patient who had a Misdiagnosis of CancerTreatment becomes available and effective only if diagnosis is correct and prompt. In certain instances, however, doctors fail to provide the required level of diligence that is expected of them. Delayed and incorrect diagnosis limits a person’s chance of survival, and options for treatment. For instance, certain types of cancer – such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer – may be treated when diagnosed early.

However, cancer may progress to untreatable stages when undetected because of the doctor’s error or negligence. In other instances, doctors make mistakes in diagnosis, which lead the patient to give his or her consent to undergo unnecessary, aggressive, and dangerous cancer treatments. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis affects the quality of life of the individual, exposes him or her to unnecessary treatment expenses, and can lead to lost earnings and even death.

Doctors Have a Duty to Avoid Medical Malpractice – Especially with Cancer Diagnosis

doctor telling woman she had a misdiagnosis of cancerHealthcare professionals are required, at minimum, to perform their duty in accordance with the accepted norm of practice. This norm usually includes proper and prompt diagnosis of an illness. Cancer diagnosis that is delayed or misdiagnosed may entitle the patient to compensation for the medical care sought in order to correct the improper treatment, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and even death.

Do You Need an Attorney for Your Misdiagnosis of Cancer Case?

client meeting lawyer over misdiagnosis of cancerIf you or a loved one have suffered because of a mistake made during surgery, you may want to speak with an attorney regarding a potential claim. d’Oliveira & Associates, Rhode Island personal injury lawyers, are working with some of the leading lawyers handling Medical Malpractice.

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