Driving a Motorcycle Safely in the Rain

We all know New England weather is unpredictable. You go out for a Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride for some ice cream and next thing you know the storm clouds are rolling in and it starts to downpour. Rain and other inclement weather increases the safety risks for motorcyclists due to the lack of visibility and slick roads.

It is important to know how to improve your safety when driving a motorcycle in the rain, so you do not end up injured in an accident. If you or a loved one has recently suffered a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced Cranston RI motorcycle accident lawyer today to see if you potentially have a claim to get the compensation you deserve.

What are the Most Important Safety Tips to Remember When Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain?

Man about to ride his Motorcycle in the RainThe first and most important safety tip is to always wear protective gear. The best gear to use in the rain include: helmets, goggles, and face shields that protect your head from pelting rain.

Surprisingly, rainbows are dangerous to motorcyclists in the rain. Although one of nature’s most beautiful creations, rainbows tend to attract crowds of onlookers. Those onlookers’ cars idle by while oil seeps out of their vehicles and makes the surrounding road extremely slippery. Be cognizant of where you observe rainbows and what vehicles are around you.

wet road with puddlesLast safety tip involves puddles. We were all a kid once that jumped in large puddles right after a rainstorm. Unfortunately, as a motorcyclists, you must avoid puddles at all costs. The depth perception of puddles can be deceiving and may result in injuries to you or your bike if you hit the wrong one.

When is the Most Dangerous Time to Ride Your Motorcycle in the Rain?

Most people assume that the roads are the slipperiest when it has been raining for a while, but surprisingly, the roads are the most hazardous when it first starts to rain. As the rain hits the highway pavement, all the oil that has leaked into the road rises to the surface when introduced with water.

Road asphalt with a mixture of water and oil

This means that the road during the initial rainfall is a mixture of water and oil which leads to unexpected skidding and hydroplaning. As a motorcyclist, if you realize rain may be in the forecast, you should either not ride that day or wait until it has been raining for a good amount of time so the initial oil leakage deteriorates.

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