New Bedford ma car accident victim

The auto accident attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates negotiated a $100,000 settlement with the insurance company of an at-fault driver, who injured the firm’s client passenger while driving too fast for the roadway conditions. The client, a New Bedford woman, was seriously injured when the driver of the vehicle she was riding in was speeding around an icy bend. The driver ultimately lost control of the vehicle, which slid off of the road and into a tree, injuring the passenger. Emergency personnel responded and took the woman to a local trauma center for treatment.

The woman sustained injury to her hip, thigh, as well as her head and neck. She was diagnosed with both fractures and bruising, which caused her significant pain. A later orthopedic evaluation indicated a need for surgery, followed up by physical therapy and a pain medication.

The injured woman contacted the New Bedford branch of d’Oliveira & Associates and its managing attorney, Robin Gouveia. Attorney Gouveia filed a claim on behalf of the client, and after negotiations with the driver’s insurance company, Attorney Gouveia settled the client’s claim for $100,000.

courtroomAttorney Gouveia explained some difficult negotiating that occurred with the driver’s insurance company: “The insurance company in this case had taken a statement from the client and tried using her statement against her. They denied liability for the claim and declined to issue a settlement. I utilized resources under the law to argue our position on the case. This process was persuasive and after several intense conversations, the insurance company changed their position and paid the policy limits for the claim.” Ultimately, Attorney Gouveia’s work paid off for a deserving client, as she stated: “This client had significant injuries and once we became involved, she was able to focus on her recovery; not the insurance and liability details. We focused on protecting her rights and once the offer was made, worked with medical providers and lienholders to convince them to reduce their balances and liens in order to maximize the net recovery to our client. I am always so very happy to guide an injured victim through this process and advocate for them to reach a fair and reasonable result.”

This unfortunate accident illustrates the importance of safe driving during winter weather conditions. Hazards like snow and ice can decrease visibility and often contribute to dangerous and unpredictable roadway conditions. Care should be taken in maintaining speed limits and driving safely during winter weather. Poor weather conditions may constitute good reason to stay off the roadways in order to protect yourself, your passengers, and other motorists. Heed additional caution in preparing your car for winter travel, and be proactive in anticipating and avoiding dangerous conditions.

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