Damaged motorcycle after accident

d’Oliveira & Associates attorney D. Robin Gouveia recently obtained a full policy limits $100,000 settlement from Arbella Insurance for a man who was struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. As a result of the collision, the client suffered arm and wrist injuries requiring surgery and ongoing treatments to repair. Soon after the accident and after having his injuries assessed, he contacted our New Bedford office so we could gather information about his case to get him the compensation he was entitled to.

Attorney D. Robin Gouveia said, “In light of the severity of the client’s injuries, we determined early what the other party had for policy limits.  We submitted documents and demanded payment of the limits.  Once offered, we made a demand for these due to the severity of the injury.  Once the limits were offered, we negotiated liens and put together a settlement package to net the client a maximum recovery.”

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New Bedford motorcycle accident Victim meeting with his Personal Injury Attorney