New Bedford roll-over collision

Our client sustained lacerations over her body and injury to her wrist when she was the passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a roll-over collision at an intersection in New Bedford. The extensive injuries to her wrist and hand required her to undergo therapy in order to improve the range of motion and reduce the pain that she was suffering. After seeking the legal assistance of a Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer, attorney D. Robin Gouveia, an associate attorney at d’Oliveira & Associates, negotiated a settlement of $125,000 from Commerce Insurance on behalf of the client.

New Bedford Woman in roll-over collision

Reflecting on this case, Attorney Gouveia stated, “Since the client was a passenger in this catastrophic two car accident, we analyzed the liability and found negligence on the operator’s of both vehicles involved. The client, although treatment was done, continued to suffer with limitations and pain from the injuries. As a result, we requested a full narrative report from her treating doctor. He performed a permanency evaluation and we included this report in the demand letter to the insurer, along with photographs of the scarring and disfigurement. After making several insufficient offers, we requested and invited the insurance companies to our office to perform an in person scar viewing of the client. These convinced the insurance company to make a final offer and pay the client what she deserved for her pain, suffering, scarring and residual complaints.”

Who Is Liable For My Injuries?

New Bedford Car Accident InjuryBeing the passenger in a vehicle that is involved in a car accident may be difficult to distinguish who is actually liable to compensate for your injuries. It must first be determined who was at fault for the accident in order to establish which party to the accident is liable. Our experienced New Bedford Car Accident Lawyers are skilled in making this determination and negotiating with insurance companies of the at-fault party. More complex cases arise when the injured individual seeking compensation is the passenger, and not the driver, of the vehicle at the time of the accident. In this case, if both of the drivers were at fault for the accident, then the injured passenger may recover from both operators’ insurance companies.

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