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If you have been injured while being employed in New Bedford, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for your lost wages, medical bills, job retraining and in some cases, a lump sum settlement, among other losses. We work with experienced New Bedford workers’ compensation lawyers that charge no fee until you receive benefits or a settlement. Call us for a free (no obligation) case evaluation or fill out a contact form online.

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How Common are Weekly Benefits For Lost Wages?

If you have suffered a work place injury and are unable to work, you may be entitled to weekly benefits for lost income, which could include temporary total disability, partial disability or permanent and total disability. Read More.

What Action Do I Take If My Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied?

Workers’ compensation claims can be disputed, which can lead to an extensive procedure known as dispute resolution. Usually the insurance adjuster, you and your lawyer will come together in several negotiation meetings to try to avoid going to a hearing. However, hearings can be essential, in which case you may appear before a Judge to decide your case. Read More.

The Firm’s Top Workers’ Compensation Settlements:

  • $325,000 Settlement – While at work, the client slipped and twisted his ankle injuring his foot. He suffered from a prior condition and this injury caused him to sustain a serious and permanent injury to his foot. Our firm maintained joint responsibility with another workers’ compensation attorney, who obtained a lump sum settlement for the client. Read More.

Can Victims Of A Workplace Injury Collect A Lump Sum Settlement?

lump sum settlementThat depends. If you have suffered a severe work place injury, your employer’s insurance company may offer you a lump sum settlement instead of paying you weekly workers’ compensation checks. Read More.

What Are Some Standard Benefits For Workers’ Compensation In New Bedford?

Typical workers’ compensation benefits include lost income, payment for medical bills, disfigurement, job retraining and, in some cases, a lump sum settlement. Read More.

How Should I React After Being Injured At Work In New Bedford?

injury at work

  1. Report your injury as soon as possible.
  2. File and complete an injury report.
  3. Seek immediate medical attention.
  4. Have your employer inform their insurance company.
  5. Call an experienced New Bedford workers’ compensation lawyer for a free consultation.

Read More.

Do I Still Have A Workers’ Compensation Claim If The Fault Is Of A Third Party?

Yes, you may still have a claim if your workplace injury was the fault of someone other than your employer or co-workers, such as a sub-contractor or one of their employees. These types of cases can also compensate you for pain and suffering and are generally more complex. Read More.

Are All Workplace Injuries Compensable In New Bedford?

All injuries suffered during the course of your employment are compensable. While some injuries are more common than others, basically all of them are covered by workers’ compensation. Read More.

How Does Vocational Rehabilitation Work?

Vocational rehabilitation is a type of therapy directed towards assisting injured persons with various impairments or health conditions in overcoming any obstacles preventing them from returning to work. Read More.

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New Bedford Workers Compensation Lawyer meeting clientIf you have been injured at work in New Bedford, contact the New Bedford workers compensation lawyers located at 930 Kempton Street, New Bedford, MA 02740. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages, among other losses. We work with experienced workers compensation lawyers that charge no fee unless you obtain benefits or a settlement. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, call us at 508-984-8400 or toll free at 1-800-992-6878. You may also fill out a contact form on our site.

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