In an effort to combat cancer and cardiovascular complications, a brand new tool launched on Facebook recently known as the Preventative Health Tool (PHT). PHT allows Facebook users to input their age and gender to receive recommended preventative screenings as helpful reminders.

The tool, made with the partnership of the American Cancer Society, American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, aims to bring accurate and potentially lifesaving health information to the people who use it.

Medical Screening Tool on Facebook

What Does The Tool Do?

Medical Screening Tool on FacebookThe new Facebook health tool allows the user to input their age and gender to get recommendations for cardiovascular health, cancer screenings, and flu treatments. It also offers a map to local health centers, where users can go for those specific screenings, with most of these options covered within insurance plans.

The tool also allows users the ability to check off screenings already completed, and lets them set reminders for ones to be scheduled in the future. Event for season ailments, such as the flu, the tool assists users in located places that are offering flu shops, like grocery stores, pharmacies, and clinics.

What Are The Tools Limitation?

Currently, the new Facebook tool is only availing in the United States with the hope that it will expand to other countries in the future. As of right now there are language limitations as well since it is only translated for the English language. The hope is to next be translated into Spanish. The final limitation is that your doctor is not connected to these tools, so they may be unaware of certain recommended screenings or the results of those screenings, so be sure to update them if you utilize this new tool.

Will Facebook Use The Information I Give It?

Facebook states that it will not share any information the tool would know about the user to outside third-parties. The have also declared that they will not sell or distribute the information to any health organizations or insurance companies. The only data it will monitor is how often the tool is in use with the pure purpose of improving the technology. Other users and your Facebook friends will not have access to the data collected from the use of this tool, so your information is likely safe.

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