Road Construction

Starting the week of June 24th, multiple popular Newport, RI roads will be under construction for the next few weeks. The purpose of the construction is to improve the quality and life expectancy of the pavement in some local areas, such as Ocean Avenue and Castle Hill Avenue. Although a seemingly important task, road work can be treacherous for drivers navigating unknown construction detours and obstacles. Newport, RI drivers should be on alert when traveling through construction zones.

How Will This Road Work Affect You?

The Newport, RI road pavement project will really only affect those residents who live or work near the affected streets. The city is asking residential homes in the area to cease sprinkler use until after construction because it could increase slick road conditions.

Road Construction Traffic

Slick road conditions can be hazardous not only to the vehicles passing but also increases the risk of a slip and fall for construction workers. In addition, if you live on one of the affected streets, there will be no street parking in the areas during the time of construction.

Why are Poorly Maintained Roads Dangerous to Drivers?

car accident during road constructionCar accidents are usually the fault of a negligent or reckless driver, but some of the scariest potential threats on the road are those right in front of us. Poorly constructed roads result in leftover debris, potholes, damaged signs, missing guardrails, and unpaved roads. These conditions are not only a risk to damaging your car but also contribute to car accidents.

A person swerving out of the way of a dangerously large pot hole can easily hit the driver next to them causing a collision. It is important to stay alert while driving, especially in construction zones, where there are more road obstacles than usual. If you or a loved one recently experienced injuries from a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation if you call our experienced Newport RI car accident lawyers.

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