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Roughly 75% of first time social security disability applications are denied, and an attorney can guide you through the lengthy appeals and hearing process. Your chances on appeal are much greater if you have an attorney who can help you. Under Social Security Administration guidelines, you have a right to be represented when doing business with the Social Security Administration.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why a Claim May Be Denied:

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  1. The Claimant Has Had No Medical or Mental Health Treatment.
  2. The primary reason why most social security claims are denied is the lack of medical or mental health treatment. The SSA’s presumption is that a claimant who does not seek treatment does not have severe injuries. It may be true that the claimant does not have medical insurance to cover the expenses, but the SSA gives significant weight to obtaining medical treatment. The SSA recognizes certain legitimate excuses, and lack of funds to pay for the treatment is one of them. You will need to prove this when you make your appeal.

  3. The Documents and Medical Records That a Claimant Does Have Are Insufficient When the SSA Made Its Decision.
  4. Many other social security claims get denied due to lack of supporting documents to support the claim. Such records and documents prove the existence of your disability and provide the opinion of medical experts. It is important for you to provide all the information that SSA may need.

  5. The Claimant is Below 50 Years of Age.
  6. The SSA considers age as a factor in determining the grant of social security benefits. The Agency treats people below 50 years as still having the ability to work and to perform normal, everyday functions that they used to do.

  7. The Claimant Failed to Follow Treatment.
  8. Failure to cooperate with a doctor’s advice can be detrimental to your health and your social security claim. If you want to be granted your benefits, you need to follow prescribed treatments especially when it can potentially restore your ability to work and perform everyday functions.

  9. The Agency is Naturally a Sceptic.
  10. The SSA works in a culture of “NO”, which means that their attitude at the initial levels of review leans toward denying claims.

If you feel that you or a loved one has been wrongfully denied social security benefits, you need to speak to a social security attorney. Our lawyers in our office in Newport, Rhode Island will help you get the benefits that you deserve.

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