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Obtaining social security disability insurance is a tedious and complicated process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) receives millions of claims for Social Security benefits. Most of these applications get denied. Even for those who were lucky enough to receive disability benefits, the payments may also cease at any point. During such instances, you need to know that you can still stand by your claim and have the right to appeal the SSA’s decision.

Do You Need an Attorney to Make Your Appeal?

This is when you actually need a Social Security lawyer the most. An experienced social security attorney will improve your chances of winning your claim. The lawyer’s experience will provide key assistance in finding the medical evidence that will support your claim, as well as the witnesses that will be needed to help establish your claim.  The lawyer has enough resources to gather your medical records, obtain opinions from medical experts, and to get a vocational expert who can testify in your case. The lawyer is highly familiar with the flow of the proceeding, which is why he can tell you what to expect from beginning to end of the application and/or appeals process. The lawyer will also prepare you for the interview process so that all your statements can work for your benefit.

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In Rhode Island, if you are denied social security benefits and would like to appeal the SSA’s decision, the first stage is to fill out a Request for Reconsideration. The SSA grants only a little less than 20 percent of these requests. The second stage is the disability hearing. It can take nearly a year to obtain a date for this hearing and the only way to avoid this lengthy procedure is to have your social security application approved at the earlier stages of your application. So it is very important to talk to an experienced social security attorney at the beginning stages of your application for social security.

Newport Social Security lawyer meeting a clientIf you or someone you know may qualify for SSI, you should talk to a competent social security lawyer. The Newport Social Security Lawyers at the law offices of d’ Oliveira & Associates have a proven track record when it comes to social security claims. Contact the law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form for a free legal consultation.

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