Motorcycle damaged after accident

Recently d’Oliveira & Associates attorney, Laura Cameron, obtained a combined $278,000 settlement from Main Street America Group and Geico for a North Kingstown man, who was injured in a motorcycle accident. Our client was violently struck by a vehicle attempting to make a sudden turn into our client’s established lane. Our client sustained a broken leg and cuts to his knee.

Attorney Laura Cameron said, “I am very pleased that we were successful in our battle with the insurance companies to get all available insurance money for this client without having to litigate.”

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is not only a dangerous situation, but it can be a difficult case to pursue, even if you were clearly not at fault. A common statement the negligent driver will say to his or her insurance company is that they never saw the motorcyclist coming. They may try to claim that the motorcyclist was either partially or totally at fault. The insurance company will try to either deny your claim or offer you much less then you really deserve. To safeguard any possible settlement or award, consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer who can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and obtain for you a fair and just compensation for your injuries and losses.

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Motorcycle accident victims meeting with their Personal Injury Attorney