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Laura Cameron proudly represents our clients in North Providence, Rhode Island. Attorney Cameron has been practicing personal injury law and social security disability cases for more than 20 years with d’Oliveira & Associates, and has a widespread understanding and experience in these types of cases. Since arriving, Attorney Cameron has formed a reputation as a lawyer that her clients trust and have confidence in throughout the legal process. She knows not only how to get you the right settlement, but how to get it for you quickly.

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Injured In a Car Accident in North Providence? Let Us Help You!

north providence car accidentAttorney Cameron and her team have been able to settle several car accident claims in Rhode Island. If you are injured in a car accident in North Providence, you may be able to collect compensation, which pays you for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our law firm charges a 1/3 fee, and you only have to pay us if you obtain a settlement or award. Remember, a commendable lawyer should not cost you more money, they should get you more money. Learn more.

Injured In a Motorcycle Accident in North Providence? Get Help Now!

north providence motorcycle accident claimMotorcycle accident cases in North Providence can be lengthy and difficult because insurance company claims adjusters will try to show that the motorcyclist was either totally or partially at fault and responsible for the accident. These cases can be challenging to win, which is why you should consider having a skillful RI personal injury lawyer on your side. Learn more.

Injured From a Slip and Fall? Call Us Today!

north providence slip and fall claimSlip and fall cases can be time-consuming because insurance companies have a tendency to reject or lessen settlement proposals. Usually, a slip and fall accident arises from a dangerous condition or defect on the property. Insurance companies try to prove that the victim was at fault for not paying attention to a dangerous condition, such as ice or a slippery floor. We have successfully handled many slip and fall cases and charge no fee unless we get you money you deserve. Learn more.

Injured From a Dog Bite? Don’t Waste Time!

north providence dog bite claimAttorney Cameron has successfully obtained settlements for people injured by a dog bite in North Providence and nearby areas. Oftentimes, when a dog bite arises on the owner’s property, their homeowner’s insurance coverage will compensate those bitten for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our firm charges the typical 1/3 fee only if we get you a settlement or award. Learn more.

Injured At Work? We Can Assist In Getting You Workers’ Compensation!

north providence workers compensationWorkers’ Compensation was designed so employees injured at work would be able to receive payments for their injuries and medical expenses, among other losses. This is usually given to the injured party by the employer’s insurance company. However, gaining workers’ compensation benefits is not always easy, and may take time. The procedures can be challenging to comprehend and the rules can be sophisticated. We work with some of the most practiced and educated workers’ compensation lawyers in Rhode Island. Learn more.

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Things to Do in and Around North Providence Rhode Island

North Providence is a town in Providence County, Rhode Island. The town of North Providence is made up of seven villages: Allendale, Centerdale, Fruit Hill, Greystone, Lymansville, Marieville, and Woodville/Geneva. While Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, North Providence is the smallest town in the state. Spread over 6 miles, the town was established in the late 1700s by Providence farmers who wanted to form a separate town because they felt that government officials in Providence favored merchants over farmers.

Despite its small size, North Providence is extremely self-sufficient. It has markets, gas stations, banks, convenience stores, mom-and-pop shops and several gyms. Two main roads cut through the entire town: Mineral Spring Avenue and Smith Street. North Providence is the eighth most populated community in Rhode Island.

Here are a few fun places to see and visit in and around the town of North Providence:

Governor Notte Park, 1810 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence

This park is named after John A. Notte, Jr., a resident of North Providence who became Governor of the State of Rhode Island. The site became the Wenscott Reservoir, which was created in 1835 to provide water for future mills downstream. Today, the park has a number of recreational facilities including a freshwater beach, paddle boat rentals, ample parking, tennis courts, a ball field, swings for children, picnic sites and a peaceful waterfall, which enhances the rustic, serene setting that gives no indication that you are just minutes away from bustling Mineral Spring Avenue. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season, usually beginning July 1. For more information, visit: northprovidenceri.gov

Peter Randall Reservation, Smithfield Road, North Providence

The Peter Randall Reservation is a former state park, which is now owned by the town of North Providence. At one time, it was used for a picnic area. Now, it’s a series of abandoned asphalt and gravel roads with miles of side trails. It is wedged into a suburban neighborhood. There is also a small parking area on Smithfield Road.

Captain Stephen Olney Memorial Park, Smithfield Road, North Providence

This park is located just off Admiral Street and Smithfield Road. The amenities here include three tennis courts, playground, basketball blacktop, softball diamonds and walking paths. It was restored and rededicated in 1994. The park also has a few picnic areas and benches.

North Providence Pool and Fitness Center, 1810 Mineral Spring Avenue

If you’re looking for an indoor swimming area, this is an ideal location that’s right behind the North Providence Public Library. The pool is available during non-reserved time slots and the other half is open water space available four use when it’s not reserved. Swim classes and water aerobics are offered. There is also a fitness center located on the second floor of the building. You can call to inquire about hours and availability for both the pool and fitness center at 401-353-7007 or visit northprovidenceri.gov/recreation-department/pool-fitness-center-facility/

North Providence Town Hall, 2000 Smith Street, North Providence

The North Providence Town Hall is dedicated to Frank C. Angell, who was in the real estate business and served in several capacities including as Town Councilman, Treasurer and Deputy Town Clerk in the 1900s. Angell bequeathed the land in his will to build a Town Hall. It was eventually constructed in 1931. It has since undergone exterior renovation, new landscaping, painting and brickwork. The original North Providence Town Hall at 2226 Mineral Spring Avenue contains the old jail and council chambers. The interior of that building has also been restored. For more information, visit northprovidenceri.gov/town-hall/

The Joseph Smith House, 109 Smithfield Road, North Providence

This is a 2-1/2 story wood frame house, six bays wide, with a shed-style addition to the rear giving it a saltbox appearance. The oldest portion of this house was built in 1705. It’s a classic Rhode Island stone ender house whose large chimney has since been completely enclosed in the structure. The lower levels of this chimney are believed to have predated King Philip’s War (1675) when the previous house was burned down. The 1705 house was built by Joseph Smith, grandson of John Smith, one of Rhode Island’s first settlers. It was enlarged in 1762 by Daniel Jenckes, a judge from a prominent local family. This is the only known surviving stone ender in North Providence. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Shopping in North Providence

north providence shopping

If you like to shop or browse, North Providence has a few interesting offerings:

  • Brands: The Hobby Place, 2193 Mineral Spring Avenue. If you are looking to have fun with radio-controlled boats and cars, this is a great place. This store has all the knowledge and expertise to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • AJ’s Quality Sports Cards, 1394 Douglas Avenue. This is a great place for any sports fanatic trying to find cards of their favorite players and teams. It also offers select memorabilia. This shop has packs of collectible sports cards still intact from more than 20 years ago, in addition to latest releases.
  • Wild Witches, 1965 Smith Street: This store is exactly what it says it is – a store for witches. It sells everything from tarot cards to dragon blood oil, love spells, potions, crystal healing packs, banishment spells and candles. For more information, visit wildwitches.com
  • Anthony’s Jewelers, 1525 Mineral Spring Avenue. This is a well-known jewelry store in the area that sells everything from loose diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands to fine jewelry. Visit anthonysjewelers.com
  • Blackbirds Consignment Shop, 1800 Mineral Spring Avenue. This is a thrift store that has rave reviews on Yelp. It sells used women’s clothes and accessories. For more information, visit blackbirdsconsignment.com

North Providence Restaurants

north providence restaurant

Twins Pizza, 1000 Mineral Spring Avenue. Offers pizzas and sandwiches and has been in the area for more than 50 years. twinspizzari.com

Betty’s Restaurant, 1075 Charles Street. This is a great breakfast place in town where you can enjoy breakfast any time of day. facebook.com/bettysdinerri

Pauli Pentas, 1290 Mineral Spring Avenue. This place is known for its Italian subs and fresh snail salad. paulypentasdeli.com

Avenue Grill, 2223 Mineral Spring Avenue. This is a popular place for the late-night crowds. It’s open 24 hours on the weekends and serves breakfast all day. Many enjoy its old-fashioned diner décor.

The Fire Brick Oven Pizza and Bar, 1874 Mineral Spring Avenue. Formerly Stuffies Bar and Grill, Wildfire has a selection of personal specialty pizzas, seafood, steak and pasta dishes. thefirebrickoven.com