Police responding to a woman injured after car accident

Recently d’Oliveira & Associates attorney, Cara Gallucci, obtained a $100,000 settlement from USAA for a Norton, MA woman, who was injured in a car accident. Our client was well established in her lane of travel, when another car abruptly cut in front of her, causing the accident.  This accident left our client with a broken wrist and pain to her chest, neck and shoulder. Knowing she would need legal help, she called our Attleboro office where she was assisted by attorney Cara Gallucci and paralegal Kristen DiChiaro.

Attorney Cara Gallucci said, “This lovely young woman had to face so much because of the carelessness of another driver.  I feel very fortunate that we were able to assist her in getting her replacement wages promptly while she recovered from surgery, and to put her at ease by dealing with all of the medical bills and both insurance companies.  She just needed to focus on healing and getting her health back.”

Our firm has extensive knowledge regarding car accidents cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. To learn about each states laws, please visit our Rhode Island car accident page or our Massachusetts car accident page.

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Attleboro car accident Victims meeting with their Personal Injury Attorney