There is increasing concern over the new drug Nuplazid that was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) in June of 2016. Nuplazid was granted a fast track approval by the FDA through a process known as Breakthrough Therapy. Breakthrough Therapy is a Congress approved initiative that allows FDA officials to approve a new drug faster if the drug is innovative and would benefit a large population of patients.

Manufacturing of the drug Nuplazid

As the only drug of its kind, Nuplazid was approved by the FDA with a declaration that the benefits outweighed the risks. Now that patients are actually being treated with the drug, the risks are becoming increasingly dangerous and unclear. If you or a loved one have recently taken Nuplazid and suffered injuries, you may be entitled to compensation and should call an experienced Nuplazid lawyer right away.

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What is Nuplazid?

Nuplazid is the first drug of its kind to treat psychosis symptoms in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a disorder where the neurons that produce dopamine slowly die. One of the symptoms of the disease is psychosis which is usually characterized by hallucinations that feel real to patients.

Nuplazid user suffering from hallucinations

You might wonder then why don’t we just treat Parkinson’s patients with other anti-psychotic medication like we do for other mental illnesses? Well, anti-psychotics for mental illness help reduce the dopamine produced in the patient to decrease the presence of hallucinations, but here, Parkinson’s disease patients are already suffering from dopamine depletion so providing regular anti-psychotics would just accelerate the disease.

Why is Nuplazid Considered Potentially Dangerous?

Being the first of its kind, many believed Nuplazid to be a miracle drug. Now after being on the market for almost three years, patients and family members are reporting some concerning side effects including increased risk of death and increased severity in hallucinations. Essentially, the drug is making the disease and symptoms worse rather than alleviating them.

Nuplazid user suffering from hallucinations

Others have reported no effect at all; questioning the efficacy of the drug. Many patients have stopped taking the drug altogether for the fear of risks. The FDA recognized these risks by adding a black box warning to the medication like other anti-psychotics.

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