The 2010 Census revealed that the United States currently has the largest population of senior citizens in its history. 40.3 million people, or 13% of the population, are age 65 and older. This segment of the population is projected to grow to 20% of the population in the coming years. The most surprising fact the 2010 Census revealed was that the fastest growing segment of the population consists of people age 85 and older.

nursing home patientThere are currently 5.8 million people in this group but by 2050 it will grow to 19 million people (i). If these projections are correct, then states across the country will have to prepare to meet the needs of this growing group. There are currently 16,100 nursing homes with 1.7 million beds in the United States. While the United States has a large number of nursing homes with a large number of beds, many of these facilities do not have the necessary staff to provide the appropriate level of care (ii). Individuals whose parents or loved ones have been injured by poor care may want to talk to a nursing home lawyer about the possibility of a nursing home lawsuit.

Government reports have revealed that this type of abuse and neglect are real risks. Over a two-year period over 30% of nursing homes (5,283 homes) were cited for abuse violations. In this period these homes were cited for 8,972 violations. 2,500 of these violations caused actual harm to residents or placed them in an immediate threat of serious injury or death. Residents could have suffered a common injury like bedsores or a fall. The Government has also noted that abuse violations have increased in number each year (iii).

The informational graphic lists common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect as well as safety statistics.

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