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Placing your loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility can be a challenging and heart-wrenching decision to make. Most families are also left wondering how to select the right facility for their loved one, a place where they will get the care, attention and quality of life they deserve in their golden years. In Rhode Island, there are a number of facilities to choose from in different price ranges. Most importantly, if your loved one is neglected or abused, remember that it is no fault of your own and do not hesitate to contact a RI nursing home abuse lawyer.

How Do I Select The Right Facility?

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Here are a few tips from our Rhode Island nursing home lawyers on what you should look out for while choosing a facility for your loved one:

  • Level of care: Understand what levels of care the facilities offer. Skilled nursing homes are for seniors who require nursing assistance around the clock. Assisted living care is for seniors who can perform certain things on their own, but may need help with daily activities such as cooking, bathing or taking medications. You need to place your loved one in a facility that offers the services and care he or she needs.
  • Homework: Do your homework before you visit the facility. Make sure the facility you are considering follows state and federal regulations set for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When it comes to choosing a good facility, safety and quality of care are some of the basic factors to consider. Visit sites such as to check if the retirement homes on your list operate according to the rules and regulations set by the Nursing Home Act. Information may also be available from your state licensing agency and the local Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Nursing Home Nurse Hugging Elderly WomanFacility visit: It is crucial that you visit the facilities that you’ve narrowed down on the list. When you visit the place, talk directly to residents, managers and care providers. If your access is limited to talk to employees or residents, that should raise a red flag. Sample a meal at the facility. Ask to see the facility license and find out if there was any point in time when their license of revoked.

    Ask to look at financial records, if those are available. Also, ask to look at recent inspection documents and references for verifications. Check the facility’s rooms and restrooms to see if it is clean and if the facility offers recreational activities for residents. Ask residents if they are happy there. Check into important details such as staffing policies and staff to resident ratio.

  • References: Ask for recommendations from people you trust. Talk to family members and friends. Seek help from doctors, hospital discharge planners, social workers or a local agency.

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nursing home lawyerIt is tragically common for vulnerable nursing home residents to be abused or neglected in these types of facilities. However, taking the time and making an effort to choose the right facility for your loved one can help minimize the chances of it happening. If your loved one has been neglected or abused in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is crucial that you understand your legal rights. We are working with nursing home abuse lawyers who fight hard to protect the rights of residents and their families. Call us toll-free at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form online, to schedule a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.