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Nurses and nurse’s aids provide vital services in our hospitals and communities. They also work in one of the most dangerous professions in the country according to data collected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In fact, more injuries occur in hospitals than on construction sites or manufacturing plants. On average about 58,000 work related injuries are reported each year, causing nursing professionals to miss work. Sometimes these injuries are serious and can require ongoing therapy or surgery. With the wide range of hazards present in the healthcare setting continuing to rise, it is easy to understand how this injuries could lead to Pawtucket workers’ compensation claims.

Why are Injuries to Nursing Professionals So Common?

nurse giving woman a shotNursing professionals work in a fast paced environment and are exposed to many dangers on a daily basis. Often, these dangers are inherent in the very duties they perform, such as lifting patients, giving shots, operating complex health care devices, and taking care of behavioral patients. The environment can give rise to many hazards such as crowded spaces, wet, slippery floors, exposed sharps, and bodily fluids. Nurses are usually on their feet for most of their shift, and due to staffing shortages are many times asked or required to stay late or work overtime. This can lead to fatigue and physical stress, which increases the likelihood of workplace injuries.

What are the Most Common Injuries In the Health Care Setting?

injured nurse with a babyThe unique challenges faced by nursing professionals cause a wide array of injuries, many of which go unreported. It is all too common for nursing professionals to continue to work with any injury out of a sense of duty to their patients and co-workers. The injuries that are most commonly reported include sprains and muscle strains due to overexertion and patient handling. Slips, trips, and falls rank next causing about 25% of the injuries in health care settings due to wet slippery surfaces and crowded spaces. Contact with sharp instruments causes about 13% of the reported injuries, and last on the list are injuries caused by patient violence. While many of these injuries are minor, they can cause serious and even permanent injuries.

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